Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Open your heart to possibility and dive into the looks your sweetheart will love. This is the only holiday of the year when showing someone how much you adore them can be perfectly stated in the gift you give. Jewelry is the one present that will make your honey so happy, she’ll be thanking you all year round.
You’ll charm your way right into her heart with the CJ Rose Charm Bracelet; available in White Opal Panache as well as in Jet Black Panache. You can also opt for the CJ Golden Charm Bracelet in White Opal Elegance or the CJ Silver Charm Bracelet in White Opal Expression. Each exquisitely detailed distinguished piece of wristwear is one of a kind in its beautifully-crafted look. The Swarovski crystals in the center are arranged in a perfect circle. The symbol itself makes a timeless statement. It’s a romantic gesture and a wonderful way to show your infinite love.


What better gift to surprise her with on Valentine’s Day than something she can show off that night? The CJ Charm Collection is a perfect pairing to any outfit. From afternoon to evening, these exquisite pieces are versatile for all occasions.
For the lady who loves red, CJ’s Golden or Silver bracelets are the way to go. Corset leggings with a cute slit top, a lace up skirt with a choker neck sweater, or a cute midi dress are all wonderful options to play with in hues of scarlet, vermilion, crimson, ruby, cherry, cerise, cardinal, carmine and wine. Include a mixture of basic black to add depth to your ensemble. These colors are the ultimate compliment to accompany CJ’s treasured adornments.


During the daytime, you can match either accessory with a pair of black mid-rise jeans. Couple that with an embroidered mesh top (pick one with a red rose design for a special touch) and you’ve got afternoon attire that is classy, cool and fitting for the holiday.

At night, why not get a little lacey? A lace skirt, with a lace crop top and a pair of sexy lace-up heels is a look that can be a gift in itself. Stick to solids (black or white) and match that with CJ Minimalista’s Charm bracelets to shake up your monochromatic look. A crushed velvet bodysuit, or a chic little black dress, are also great options when you want to rock the right wardrobe for the evening’s special event.

This Valentine’s Day, remind the one you love that she is meant to sparkle. Give the gift of jewelry. She’ll thank you for it.

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