The Birthstone of December

Turquoise — the December birthstone — is one of the oldest-known gemstones, having been prized in many ancient cultures as a love charm and a symbol of wisdom, nobility, and immortality. Also known as the talisman of kings, turquoise is a sacred gemstone that has long been believed to warn the wearer of danger or illness by changing color. Interestingly, turquoise’s highly-porous surface can indeed absorb oils and change color when worn near the skin. The gemstone’s hue can range from robin’s egg to pastel blue and light bluish-green, the most common one being a deep, greenish shade.

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There are many myths surrounding the December birthstone. Native Americans, as well as Egyptians, used to decorate burial sites with turquoise. But one of the most remarkable aspects about turquoise is its reputation as being influenced by the physical condition of the wearer, as the stone was thought to grow paler when the wearer is sad or sick, lose color when the wearer dies, and regain it when transferred to a new, healthy owner.

CJ Silver Turquoise Collection

Throughout history, the December birthstone was said to secure friendly regard, and emit positive energy only when given by a friend. The stone was also believed to restore a clear vision and enhance cognitive abilities, thus ensuring good fortune to the wearer. In the workspace, turquoise can help one avoid unwise investments, promotes leadership, and even aid in overcoming writer’s block. It is especially recommended for computer operators and accounts to provide mental relaxation, for laborers to prevent bodily harm, and also for those who work in television or radio to help relieve anxiety and boost self-confidence.

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The vivid, strikingly-expressive turquoise Swarovski crystals dazzle with tranquility and timeless sophistication. The sleek, modern aesthetic of the bracelet is further offset by the meaningful coin pendant, which boasts extraordinary clarity and exquisite detailing. Perfect as a treat to yourself, the Minimalista Turquoise Confidence Silver Bracelet is sure to illuminate your style and beautifully express your individuality. Or, give it as a gift to someone dear born in December.

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