Transform Your Style In 2019 With Caterina Jewelry’s Stunning Alizée Collection

Are you looking to elevate your style this year? Alizée 2 is part of Caterina Jewelry’s newest collection, available beginning in February. It’s designed to win the hearts of those who wear it and those who merely lay their eyes on it. The circle is a universal symbol that has multiple meanings: totality, wholeness, perfection, completion, infinity, eternity, timelessness. These qualities are all incorporated into the intricate designs of the Alizée 2 collection.

Alizée 2 offers two different styles of earrings. The studs are crafted from sterling silver and plated with 18K gold. The detailed pattern on the circular design calls to mind ripples of water. Their smooth edges and polished surfaces make the earrings glisten in the light, giving off a look that is classic and inspired. You can pair the accessory with a cozy sweater, a stylish blouse, or a sleek dress. Its versatility lends itself to fashion that is casual, chic, and artsy.

The theme of art and nature are fused into the dangle earrings as well. This adornment adds a provocative element, fitting for when you want to keep the same vibe, but are switching things up from day to night. The slender asymmetrical discs hang from delicate link chains that sweetly chime as you move. The earrings are complementary to any outfit, highlighting sophistication and sex appeal. Dresses are an excellent match for this accessory. You can opt for a little black dress, a sweater dress, or a wrap dress to maximize your appeal.

The bracelet showcased in this collection has a time-honored feel yet is remarkably unconventional. With two asymmetrical discs placed at either end, the open-ended bangle embodies unique geometric dimension, making a statement that is simple and elegant. The accessory is .925 sterling silver plated with 18K gold and carries the same rippled theme as the other pieces. This item can add a dash of excitement to your choice of wardrobe or it can be a staple piece in your signature style. The beauty here is that while the bangle has an opulent appeal, it also can be worn with an array of looks. From rock and roll to hippie-chic, this is the go-to for the girl who loves variety but also appreciates consistency.

The quintessential necklace is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. It is made to enhance any look but also meant to be a reliable accessory. It should be interchangeable with everything from seasons, to outfits, to moods. The Alizée 2 necklace is perfect for that. It’s sensual, practical, and can be worn to enrich any style. The circular shape adds symbolism and its gracefully designed pattern, reflects light as to illuminate its meaning. The disc pendant, cast from .925 sterling silver, hangs on a delicate link chain, resting beautifully close to your heart. You can even stack it with other necklaces for a timeless multi-dimensional look.

The Alizée 2 collection adds a great twist to your already-acquired assortment of jewelry. Each piece is bold and striking yet classic and subtle. Pairing these with your fashion favorites makes each adornment appear unique on those wearing it. As a tribute to the exquisiteness of the modern woman, the entire collection is captivating, innovative, and undeniably dazzling.