Seasonal Surprises: Exciting Pieces You Can Wear Any Time Of Year

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Seasonal Surprises: Exciting Pieces You Can Wear Any Time Of Year

Be a girl for all seasons all year through and delight in accessories that are versatile and fun. Fashion doesn’t always have to be dependent on the time of year. It’s important to remember that coupling the right outfit with the right piece of jewelry can deliver an unexpected treat in the form of some exciting multi-seasonal style.

In 2018, you’re going to want to embrace the change the New Year brings while still representing your own classic sense of self. There’s no better way to do that than to incorporate multifaceted looks you can sport whenever you feel like it.

CJ’s Alizée Collection takes a time-honored design with the bangle bracelet and puts an innovative twist on it. Stick with the silver to give your desired outfit a match that will fit for any occasion. White Opal, Rose, Blue, Green, Purple or Aquamarine are divine colors you can mix and match with any attire. One of the most versatile fun-to-wear items is a scarf. Pair your favorite color with a vintage silk scarf in the fall, a crocheted infinity scarf for the winter, a Pashmina scarf in the spring and an embellished travel wrap for the summer.

The New Life Collection provides the ultimate accessories that you can wear any time to illustrate exactly who you are. Pick the coin-shaped pendants in hues of either pink or sapphire blue, for a dash of eye-catching excitement. These bracelets are great for layering and come in options of both gold and silver. You can choose the charm to fit with a necklace as well. You can also opt for the pink or blue leather chain, which can add a totally different vibe to your look


These pieces can be the ideal way to complement your personality by matching it to your favorite dress. Spruce up any look by accessorizing based on your mood and have some fun with it. An asymmetrical wrap is a timeless outfit that a girl can wear to any affair. Team that with a necklace in the color of your choosing to make the statement you want.

Pink Silver Hearts of Forever Ring

A sexy cutout A-line dress or a sleeveless floor-length gown will allow you great opportunities to include any combinations of the New Life designs. Adding a bracelet to your ensemble can either elevate your style or turn your look more casual. These dresses are wonderful options for all four seasons. If you reinvent most of your wardrobe, a great way to switch things up is by swapping out your jewelry. Keep the piece and match the different colors to the various seasons.

CJ Minimalista Jet Black Panache Rose Silver Necklace
CJ Minimalista Jet BlackPanache Rose Silver Bracelet

Don’t forget to include your charm opener. That little pink wonder is your best friend when it comes to opening clasps. Save time, and your manicure, with this easy-to-carry item..


Remember there are some looks that don’t have to go away when the seasons change. No matter the time of year, keep evolving without getting rid of the items you love most. The only rule when it comes to seasonal style is to embrace the looks you love most and rock what you’ve got.

Rose Kiss Jet Panache Bracelet
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