The Birthstone of July

Revered in many cultures throughout history, the July birthstone, Ruby, has always been prized as a talisman of love, passion, courage, and prosperity. The Ruby, queen of all gemstones, the fiery and captivating ruby is a stone of nobility, and has long been considered to surpass other precious stones, even diamonds, in value and virtue.

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Rubies come in a variety of red hues, ranging from purplish and bluish red to reddish-orange, deep pink-red, or even deep burgundy red. The glowing color of the July birthstone symbolizes the inextinguishable flame of the sun, which many myths claim would shine through the thickest clothing, cause water to boil, and even more surprisingly, melt wax. Legend says rubies can keep the body safe, ward off pestilence and plague, banish sadness, warn the wearer of impending danger, promote peace and harmony, and drive away nightmares and foolish thoughts.


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Much like other gemstones, rubies have an astounding list of metaphysical and healing powers. The exquisite crystal increases vitality, life-force energy, and motivation, improves concentration, promotes a clear mind, and boosts the wearer’ self-confidence and determination. At the same time, the birthstone for July also has the ability to propel one towards prosperity and provide a sense of accomplishment. When rubbed against one’s skin, rubies can purge the body of toxins, restore youth, and instill a sense of general wellbeing. Rubies can also motivate one to achieve leadership skills and amass wealth, so it comes as no surprise that they were the prized possession of kings and political rulers.


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The July birthstone has long been associated with love, passion, and faithful closeness, which is why they were considered the perfect wedding stones in antiquity. Enthralling, intricate, and fabulous, ruby jewelry makes the object of desire of many women and a particularly thoughtful gift for a dear one born in July!


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