CJ Minimalista Brown Confidence Silver Bracelet


The CJ Minimalista Silver Bracelet captures the very essence of the minimalist modernist trend and satisfies every fashionista who wants to make a bold statement without having much on.

CRYSTALS GLITTER IN .925 STERLING SILVER: Each Minimalista Silver Charm Bracelet from Caterina Jewelry features a coin charm set with exquisite colorful swarovski crystals that shine like color diamonds on a double-wrap Sterling Silver chain.

HIGH QUALITY DOUBLE-WRAPPED STERLING SILVER CHAIN: A supple, delicate 2mm Sterling Silver chain encircles your wrist twice for a look that marries luxury with security. Your Sterling Silver charm bracelet is an exquisite complement to any outfit.

BRACELET SECURES WITH STRONG BARREL CLASP: Never worry about losing your bracelet because of a weak clasp. Caterina Jewelry uses the finest silver barrel clasps similar to those used in other premium European charm bracelets like Pandora.

DELIGHT THE WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE WITH A MINIMALISTA SILVER CHARM BRACELET: The best gift is one that comes from the heart and what could be a lovelier birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Mother’s Day gift for your best friend than an enchanting Minimalista Bracelet?

THE MINIMALISTA COLLECTION BY CATERINA JEWELRY: Beautiful charms encrusted with luminous Swarovski crystals on a double-wrapped band is the signature of this special collection. Solid premium quality .925 sterling silver retains its beauty forever.