CJ Golden Charm Necklace Jet Black Elegance


The CJ Golden Charm Necklace is beautiful, dazzling, and unapologetically feminine. The CJ Golden Charm Necklace includes a 3 mm sterling silver gold-toned chain, a CJ Golden Charm and 2 sterling silver gold-toned beads.

A SIGNATURE OF CATERINA JEWELRY’S ARTFUL CREATIVITY: Distinguished by its singular aesthetic and strong graphic shape, the CJ charm necklace boasts a unique and unprecedented design that has captured the hearts of many. With its elegant coin, the CJ charm necklace coin adds delightful opulence to any jewelry styling.

A BOUQUET OF ALLURING CRYSTALS: Over 40 dazzling round brilliant-cut Swarovski crystals adorn the center of this sophisticated sterling silver masterpiece. Artfully arranged in radiant, flowing circles, the crystals glisten at every touch of the light.

3MM SNAKE CHAIN WITH BARREL CLASP: The CJ Golden Necklace includes a 3mm snake chain, which features an iconic barrel clasp that keeps your favorite charms securely into place.

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED IN STERLING SILVER AVAILABLE IN THREE METAL HUES: Elegantly crafted from .925 sterling silver and available in three metal hues, this CJ Golden Charm necklace boasts a striking modern aesthetic distinguished by its unique charm and 3mm chain.