2mm Chain Gold Toned


A Delicate Twist to a Classic Style
The new 2mm chain draws inspiration from the much-loved charm bracelet snake chain, playing off the classic look but with a sleeker and more delicate aesthetic. Wear it as a necklace or double-wrap it around your wrist for an edgy bracelet style.

Compatible with Caterina Jewelry Charms
String your favorite Caterina Jewelry charms on your 2mm chain to create stunning looks that set you apart from the crowd. The chain is compatible with all our charms both when single- and double-wrapped, so you can mix and match them to create fabulous bracelet and necklace stylings.

The More, The Merrier
Decorate your 2mm silver chain with our selection of dainty stone-set charms and pendants and explore endless styling possibilities. Play with colors, shapes, and designs in single metal hues, or sport two-tone stylings by adding charms in beautiful golden or rosy hues.

Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver
Did you know that sterling silver, or .925 sterling silver, is the world’s most popular silver alloy today? Much coveted for its extraordinary durability, heft, and beautiful luster, sterling silver is sold in high-end jewelry stores along with gold and platinum. The 2mm chain by Caterina Jewelry is crafted in .925 sterling silver and comes in three metal hues: silver, golden, and rose.