Add meaning with a necklace from the Minimalista collection

Protection, love, harmony, connection; a necklace can symbolize so many things. The tradition of wearing an adornment around your neck dates back to ancient civilizations where the ornament represented a status that went beyond decoration. Today, a necklace can act as a totem for some, while for others, it’s a fashion statement; highlighting a new trend and a savvy sense of style.

As Caterina Jewelry focuses on the modern woman, the new Minimalista is both timeless and transcendent – encapsulating the very essence of the necklace. Refined craftsmanship and utter elegance are at the heart of this collection. Every unique design offers up a new look and a different way to express your inner beauty.

Get lost in gold… This Minimalista necklace, available in 18K gold-plated sterling silver, is the darling of the line. A dainty link chain drapes down your neck, placing a circle in the center of your collarbone. In the bottom right-hand corner, three crystal clear precious gemstones rest close to your heart. This beautiful piece will fabulously complement a low cut A-line or asymmetrical dress. The look is both classic and sexy, drawing attention to your tasteful choice in jewelry.

Another Minimalista necklace takes a similar design and kicks things up a notch. Also in 18K gold-plated sterling silver, at the end of this delicate link chain, is a semi-circle, spotlighting a gorgeous cluster of those same crystal clear gemstones. Like a work of art, it appears as if one by one, sparkling little cubic zirconia, were just gently dropped in, mainly falling to the left side of the necklace. This accent is best to highlight with a monochromatic look. Get daring with a bold, bright color, or keep it classy with a modern dash of black.

This Minimalista necklace is the perfect combination of both of the above. This finely-crafted piece of 18K gold-plated sterling silver jewelry continues to highlight the circle, lining the bottom right half of the accessory with seven cubic zirconia. The geometrically shaped pendant emphasizes the collection’s delicate contours and contemporary vibe. This necklace is ideal for a special occasion. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries; it’s a stunning accessory that exemplifies glamour and adds extra allure to any look.

This Minimalista necklace, once again featuring the illustrious circle, is available in 18K gold-plated sterling silver and is also offered in .925 sterling silver. Sticking with the same theme, this delicate link chain is connected to the pendant, but this time, it’s attached by three different sizes of cubic zirconia. From top to bottom it goes from small to large, particularly calling attention to the excellence of the geometric design. Switching it up with the silver option allows for a more casual look within the Minimalista 1 collection. Being so versatile, it can be worn day or night, epitomizing the idea of understated beauty. It’s made to wear with almost anything. Pair it with a winter sweater or match it with a gorgeous gown. Either way, it’s a win.

Another variation of necklace from Minimalista collection is the piece you want when you’re looking to dazzle. It’s the star of the collection. The Y-necklace dangles, illuminating its 18K gold plating and sparkling gemstone accents. The delicate link chain around your neck is broken up by four perfectly-placed cubic zirconia (two on each side). At the center, is a vertical dropdown of exquisiteness that alternates between gemstones and links. To add some extra flair, pair the necklace with a matching bracelet. This stunning set encompasses an open-ended bangle bracelet, which is lined with nine sparkling gemstones that rest right on top of your wrist. This combo adds a magic touch to your favorite little black dress. It embodies passion, charisma, and class.

Caterina Jewelry Minimalista collection is where minimalism meets style. Geometric designs highlight dazzling displays of cubic zirconia, creating a number of looks that are graceful, sophisticated, and fashionably fabulous. Symbols of classic elegance and enduring beauty, the collection is the ultimate reinterpretation of timeless designs, making each piece ideal for today’s woman.