Blue Sapphire Autumn captivating with the Alizée Marina collection.

While the number of pool days is fading away, and the smell of the coming season ripples through the air, new fashion trends are emerging just as quickly as the last of the summer minutes are passing.

Now that September is here, you can shift your look into something completely different. With the new season, comes alluring style and fantastic fall finds. Autumn is bringing with it some bold colors. What typically brings on an influx of neutrals – anything from browns to grays to blacks – is now offering up a rainbow of colors meant to liven up your wardrobe.

Caterina Jewelry is the ultimate way you can level up any look. As this is the month of the sapphire, pieces from the Alizée Marina collection are the quintessential addition to your everyday wear.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. The vibrant blue color naturally pops with any style you might choose to wear. The gem dates back, making appearances in different mythology and history books. The stone itself is said to have healing properties and even offers protection to those who wear it. If you were born in September and sapphire is your stone, it will not only complement your look but your personality as well. Sapphires are supposed to encourage truth, wisdom, and loyalty. 

The beauty of the sapphire is unmatched. When that look is crafted into Caterina Jewelry’s exquisite designs, you can expect a look like no other.

This season, bright and vivid colors rule the style game. Pistachio green, shades of purple, bright orange, hot pink, and neon colors are taking over. You can match any of these with the brazen blue color highlighted in the Marina collection for an eye-catching combination. Whether you are looking to pair something with a tailored blazer, a midi dress, or a cardigan, you will find what you need here.

While we are still in the warmer fall months, you can wear something like a one-shoulder asymmetrical dress and let the Marina bangle highlight the look. The open-ended bracelet is 18K plated gold. Beautiful blue crystals rest at each end. It’s a gorgeous look that draws attention to detail.

      If you want to opt for something daintier, then try the Marina bracelet. Also in 18K plated gold, the delicate chain wraps around your wrist, with CJ’s brilliant blue crystal in the middle.

      You can wear the Marina ring with any look. If you’re already in the mood for sweater weather, the ring is a great choice to accessorize your style.

        The Marina studs are perfect to pair for any occasion. Whether you are wearing a power suit to work or a faux fur jacket on a fun night out, these brilliant earrings will dazzle and delight anyone who gazes upon them.

        The Marina necklace is an absolute treasure. Whether you were born in September and want to show off your best sapphire look, or are you just adore this specific shade of blue, it’s this gem that will stand out and mix well no matter what you wear. The delicate chain, like the others in this collection, is 18K plated gold. The blue crystal is the centerpiece, set to dangle in just the right place. The necklace can be paired with a variety of looks.

          Wrap tops are in style this season. Pick out a color like hot pink and match it with this beautiful blue necklace. It will elevate your look, making it bright, bold, and beautiful.

          Whether you mix and match pieces to wear with one outfit, or you wear each accessory separately, this darling collection will add something special to the season. Autumn is an enchanting time. Make it extra captivating with the Alizée Marina collection.