Ruby July Got More Dazzling with Alizée

July just got more dazzling with Alizée. The Georgia collection makes a simple statement that is bold and beautiful. Each gorgeous piece is 18K plated gold with stunning ruby red gemstones at its center. As the birthstone of the month, rubies are said to bring good fortune the wearer. Its essence is regal. Not only is thought of as the king of all gemstones, but it’s a treasure that has been in possession of royalty throughout time.

As the stone of emotion, it carries an array of different sentiments. Love, passion, and courage are all represented attributes of this birthstone. Caterina Jewelry has taken these magnificent aspects and poured them into the creation of these pieces. The necklace, the studs, the bangle, the bracelet, and the pendant, all encapsulate the spirit of the month; making them each a perfect match for those born in July.

Every piece from the Georgia collection is a gift that she’ll remember. The Georgia pendant makes an ideal present. At the top of every girl’s wish list is something unforgettable. This spectacular accessory, made with 18K plated gold, cubic zirconia, and crystal is a sparkling prize for anyone who dons it.

It’s hard enough to find the right earrings for a particular occasion, so finding a versatile pair that you can wear anywhere and everywhere can sometimes be a difficult feat. Remarkably, the Georgia studs are something you can wear all month long with pretty much everything. The gorgeous ruby red gemstone is the star of these earrings. If this is your birth month, you can indulge by wearing these beauties in your day to day activities. They pair with a variety of looks and other accessories.

Alizee Georgia Necklace Gold Red

The right necklace is an essential part of every girl’s collection. The Georgia necklace is dainty, stylish, and striking; it’s a must-have for the summertime. The gold chain adds a hint of sophistication – making it ideal for a special occasion. If you’re born in July, this makes the perfect birthday piece. Wear it to brunch with your besties, out for an afternoon with your family, or at a romantic dinner with a loved one. It’s the accessory that represents who you are and embodies the celebration behind the occasion. It’s also fabulously stylish.

The bracelet and the bangle from the Georgia collection are both beautiful in their own right. The bracelet is crafted with a delicate gold chain, making the ruby red gemstone the focal point. It’s simple, modern, elegant, and chic, allowing the wearer to decide which occasion it’s suited for best.

The bangle kicks things up a notch, adding some flair to your look. Its two open ends are marked with a red crystal on either side. This piece is fun and fashionable. It carries an air of excitement in its design. Much like those born in July, this piece gives off a fun-loving and cheerful vibe.

If you’re born in July, or you’re buying for someone else who is, remember that the idea behind a great piece of jewelry is to make sure it’s a good representation of the person wearing it. Ruby red is a glorious color, and for anyone born this month, it holds a special meaning. Anything you choose will make a powerful statement about the person wearing it.