A close relative of July’s birthstone, ruby, sapphire comes in a beautiful blue color that can range from pale blue to deep indigo, the most value shade being medium-deep cornflower blue. As a gemstone of love, sapphire promotes deep attachment, commitment, and fidelity, which is why it’s a popular choice for betrothal rings.



The shiny sapphire is considered a symbol of strength, power, kindness, and wise judgement, and was cherished by kings and rulers throughout history for its many properties.

Much like the fiery red ruby, sapphire possesses numerous healing properties that make it a truly remarkable stone. It is said to heal the ailments of the eye, relieve headaches and nosebleeds, treat problems related to speech and communication, and also aid in curing issues of the ears, such as infections and inner-ear imbalances. Sapphire is also considered helpful to the thyroid and nervous system, and effective in the treatment of dementia, degenerative diseases, blood disorders, and eye infections. According to many, sapphire can also free the wearer from “inner prisons,” restore balance within the body, bring calm and peace to the mind, and even support the pursuit of a childhood dream or ambition thanks to its emotional healing powers.



The use of sapphire as a talisman is frequently mentioned in various historical books and resources. Ancient Greeks used to wear sapphires for wisdom when seeking answers from the Oracle at Apollo’s Shrine. In Christianity, ecclesiastical rings were often encrusted with sapphires thanks to the stone’s powers of insight and protection. Even Buddhists associated the September birthstone with spiritual enlightenment and devotion.



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