Green Is Glorious For the Month of May

Hello, springtime! We’ve been waiting for you! While spring settles in May and hints of summertime begin to break through with every passing day, renewal, harmony, and nature come into play, allowing the color green to take center stage. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. It’s a beautiful, vivid hue that is said to represent rebirth and love. The emerald boasts similar properties to aquamarine but stands on its own in many brilliant ways.

The deep, rich, green emerald color showcased in CJ’s Minimalista collection is a beautiful way to display your birthstone, and look stylish doing it. The Minimalista collection also offers up the opportunity to mix and match with some of CJ’s other collections, bringing out your playful spirit: the side of you that dares to be different and loves to try new things.

CJ shines with silver necklaces and bracelets in Defiance and Confidence – both options are found within the Minimalista collection. The accessories highlight the green emerald in all of its glory. The circular charm centered in the middle of each piece is perfectly packed with a cluster of sparkling gemstones, illuminating a gorgeous pop of vibrant color in the most fashionable way.


While available in other hues, the silver lends itself to the versatility of the accessories, allowing the wearer to enjoy the pieces on multiple occasions; whether you’re looking to add sparkle to a special night out or piece together a trendy outfit when you want to bring something different to a day at the office. The Swarovski crystals are the centerpiece for each design. The Confidence necklace and bracelet are sculpted with a .925 sterling silver chain, while the Defiance necklace and bracelet comes with a leather chain to match the color.

Caterina Jewelry’s Aria collection gives you ideal accessories to blend with the Minimalista collection. Stick with silver and take your pick of modern motifs in the form of rings and earrings, or layer your look by stacking on multiple necklaces and bracelets.

The Aria collection features gorgeous geometrical shapes, carefully crafted into fine jewelry that captures the attention of anyone who lays eyes on it. The triangle is a running theme throughout this particular collection, which pairs with Minimalista’s circular pendant in a daring way – turning you into one of those fashion-forward idols you are always looking to for inspiration.

Made with the finest quality of.925 sterling silver, you can opt for a polished piece to make a simple statement, or choose something that highlights sparkling patterns of cubic zirconia to level up your look and shine even brighter.

Bring in an Aria ring to go with your necklace and/or bracelet from the Minimalista collection. It’ll give you a newfangled twist, adding in hints of sophistication. You can have extra fun with the earrings. Ear cuffs, studs, thread earrings and dangle earrings each add a completely different vibe to your style. Pairing your pick with either the Confidence or Defiance allows you to get as adventurous as you want to get.

If you want to try layering your look or mixing and matching your bracelets, Aria welcomes you sort through an array of designs that uniquely complement your Minimalista choices. The necklaces capture the allure of the shape, prompting the circle and the triangle into a lovely juxtaposition that can easily double as a work of wearable art. If you run with one of Aria’s cuff bracelets, you can show off the side of you that is bold, fearless and fabulously fashionable.

The Aria collection comes with avant-garde designs; each reinterprets the triangle into a fresh new look. The Minimalista collection is one of CJ’s classic compilations. The pairing of the two together is not only appealing to the eye but is a symbolic statement of blending something time-honored with something contemporary.

Remember, in May, emerald green is the star. And, since it’s your birthday, you are the universe. Choose the jewelry that shows the world exactly who are. Find the pieces that call to you, and let them spotlight the beauty and creativity that radiates from your soul.