It’s January: Give The Gift Of Garnet

Birthstones have long held significance to the wearer. Those born in January, don garnets. The dark red gemstone is said to symbolize things such as love, relationships, and protection. Matched with Caterina Jewelry’s Alizée collection, all of the garnet’s properties are honored, highlighted through designs of modern elegance and divine femininity.

Going with garnet, you can maximize the energizing qualities that the birthstone represents by pairing it with an Alizée design that calls to your personality. With your choice of two different styles of earrings, a bracelet, necklace, pendant, and three different ring selections, you’re bound to find many pieces that speak to your unique taste.

When it comes to earrings, whether it’s leverback or studs, CJ’s garnet-colored gemstones are the quintessential accessory to bolster your look. Garnet is said to represent revitalization. The leverback adds a level of elegance which makes it perfect for formal occasions. While the studs are prized for their unparalleled sterling silver craftsmanship, the design allows for the gemstone to take center stage. They pair well with at-work wear, casual daytime attire, and are a magnificent match for a night out on the town.

The bracelet, which is available in sterling silver or looks of gold, is a classic bangle with a stunning twist. Since garnet is also known for its protective energy, choosing a garnet-colored gemstone to wear in the form of a bracelet is a beautiful way to honor your spiritual side while showing off your keen fashion sense. Two stones are set at each end of the bangle, delicately encircling your wrist, creating something that is both symbolic and stylish.

CJ’s necklace from the Alizée collection features a dainty link chain that beautifully accentuates your neckline. You can adjust its length to suit any style or occasion. Choosing an exquisite garnet gemstone to go along with it is a captivating look that’s perfect for someone who is sentimental and graceful. The necklace catches and reflects light, sending out the subtle message that the one who dons it was born to shine.

Inspired by delicate flower blooms, the Alizée pendant is a striking portrayal of modern elegance and romantic sensibility. Durable and stunning, the rose-cut gemstone is topped by a path of clear stones that emphasize its sleek contours. Those born in January, who love to show off their birthstone, will be instantly drawn to this piece. The pendant is made for someone who loves minimalism but also desires a little something extra.

Another one of the garnet’s properties is the representation of physical love. Whether you’re buying a ring from the Alizée collection for yourself or someone you love, this piece, in this color, is the ultimate way to show what’s in your heart.

Style one is sophisticated and glamorous. Modern and simple, you can choose from two distinct sterling silver shades, allowing the gemstone to crown the band. Style two puts a brilliant twist on a classic favorite. This look places the garnet-colored gem at the center of the sterling silver ring, which is surrounded by a halo of clear stones. Style three is uniquely exquisite. The ring is made up of two interlocking bands, accentuated with embellishments. Once again, the rose-cut garnet gemstone is perfectly placed, as to highlight the hue in all of its glory. Options come in sterling silver and gold-toned.

The Alizée collection is timeless and ideal for any occasion. Whether you’re searching for everyday wear or something special that speaks to your style, CJ’s look is both radiant and versatile. With an array of vibrant colors to choose from, offered up in either sterling silver or gold-toned jewelry, the assortment of masterful creations each showcases beautiful artisanship