A Beauty Day with Olympic Swimmer Georgia Bohl

A Beauty Day with Olympic Swimmer Georgia Bohl

When did Georgia Bohl, Olympic swimmer and 2016 Australian National Champion, know that she wanted to pursue a swimming career? “I knew it from a very young age,” she told us during Caterina Jewelry’s photo shoot in Australia. With an impressive performance record to her credit and a smashing personal best time of 1:06.12 that earned her a Rio berth last year, Georgia is undoubtedly an asset to Australia’s squad of Olympic swimmers — and one with a soft spot for fine jewelry and denim jackets, too.
Her personal aesthetic comes off as girly, modern, and aligns seamlessly with her disciplined character. And despite her overly-busy everyday routine, she still finds the time to pamper every now and then — whether it’s a manicure, highlights, or a consistent skin-beautifying routine that might sometimes include facials.
As part of Caterina Jewelry’s “Your Style Is Unparalleled and So Are You” campaign, we sat down and chatted with Olympian swimmer Georgia Bohl — and we loved every moment of it. See her style below, get to know more about her love for swimming, and take note of her jewelry-layering — we promise it’s life-changing.
Caterina Jewelry: Hi, Georgia! We’re very happy to have you here with us today.
Georgia Bohl: Thank you for having me. I’m so ecstatic to be here.
CJ: First off, you look amazing! Can you tell us about your makeup look and what you’re wearing right now?
GB: Today’s makeup look focuses on the eyes more than anything else. We went for a bronzey smokey eye, which is personally my favorite as it contrasts very nicely with blue eyes and blonde hair. We also went for a nude lip to draw all attention to the eyes. I love natural makeup and am very much into enhancing your natural features. I tend to steer away from makeup at competitions, but I sometimes like to wear a tinted moisturizer if my skin is looking a bit dull

“I tend to like pieces that are quite unusual, but that’s probably the best part about dressing up for me.”
Georgia Bohl

CJ: You’ve dedicated so many years to swimming. What makes it so special to you?
GB: Swimming is special to me because of the great sense of satisfaction and achievement it gives me. Making teams, achieving a personal best time, competing against others, they are all like the cherry on a sundae. And I really enjoy competing against others as I find it very thrilling to do.
CJ: Has your mother encouraged your passion for swimming? Was she supportive of you throughout your career?
GB: My mother was a professional runner back in the day, so she has a good understanding and sense of respect for sport, which makes it a lot easier. She is a very inspiring person, and an amazing mother, too!
CJ: Are you planning to do something special for Mother’s Day?
GB: Mother’s Day will most likely consist of a family get-together to celebrate all the mothers in our extended family.

CJ: You see your father a lot more than most 19-year-old girls. How’s your relationship?
GB: Having my dad as my coach is a really challenging combination. Some days are better than others. Having said that, it’s amazing to share such an extraordinary journey with him.
CJ: Would you say he’s tougher on you than on the other girls?
GB: Not necessarily. He’s pretty harsh, I’ll admit that, but also very fair, and I always thank him for shaping me into a disciplined young woman.
CJ: As a bronze medalist, your life must be perpetually busy. What does a normal day in your life look like?
GB: Swimming is indeed a huge commitment. I usually start my day by waking up at around 5.25am — I drive 20 minutes to the pool, train for about one hour and a half, then go back home to rest for a few hours and have breakfast. I spend 45 minutes at the gym, then come home and have lunch. In the evening, I’m back to the pool again for another training session, then I go back home, have dinner, and go to bed. This pretty much sums up most days for me.
CJ: What was one particularly-challenging moment in your swimming career?
GB: The moments when you don’t reach your full potential — those are the biggest challenges not only in swimming, but in life, too. I think the Olympics was one of the hardest meets I have had to endure in my career, both physically and mentally.
CJ: And the happiest moment?
GB: That would certainly be the selection trials for the Olympics when I’ve made my first Australian Senior Team and won the 100m breaststroke with a huge personal best. I was shocked to look up at the results board and see that I had won and smashed the qualifying time to make the team.
CJ: What’s your favorite pastime — like, when you’re not swimming?
GB: I enjoy going to the beach, shopping, and discovering cool little bars to spend my time at.

CJ: Tell us about your style. How would you describe it?
GB: My style is quite broad. I love glitzy dresses with sparkles and sequins, but I also love plain white linen clothing items. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. I tend to like pieces that are quite unusual, but that’s probably the best part about dressing up for me. I like being different.
CJ: What’s the one piece in your wardrobe you’d never throw away?
GB: A denim jacket. These never go out of fashion, and I’m always nostalgic when I wear one as it feels like summer somehow. It’s incredibly special in a way.
CJ: What about jewelry? How do you like to wear it?
GB: I love fine jewelry, but most of all I love earrings and rings as they’re subtle but still pack quite a lot of punch. They make an outfit look and feel more polished, and double as stylish everyday accessories, too.
CJ: What are your favorite Caterina Jewelry pieces?
GB: The whole Caterina Jewelry range is incredible. I absolutely adore the Minimalista Earrings, and the ability to stack or layer bracelets and necklaces is intriguing. Playing with the collections and adding to them is fun to do, but I usually like to keep it to one category only. I’m not one to be over-accessorized — it’s either bracelets, necklaces, or earrings.
CJ: Do you like to pamper yourself — beauty-wise?
GB: Really, who doesn’t? I usually apply L’Occitane repairing oil to my hair after I shower, and moisturize my face and body after the harsh chlorine in the pool dries everything out. I also love getting facials and getting my hair cut and highlighted every now and then.
CJ: Do you have any beauty rituals before a competition?
GB: Before a big meet, I like to get my nails painted and my hair highlighted, and keep my skin as clean and fresh as possible. If I feel good, I tend to swim better and feel more confident!
CJ: At the end of the interview, can you tell us what’s the best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?
GB: My mother used to tell me to always look after my skin and cover up in the sun — and most importantly, always apply sunscreen or you’ll regret it when you get older.

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