The Birthstone of January

The birthstone of January, garnet stands in contrast to this cold month with its warm, bright tones. A splendid, intense semi-precious stone, garnet comes in a rainbow of colors, ranging from oranges and browns to deep red. Garnet is believed to possess curative powers and also protect travelers against accidents when they’re far away from home. Also called the “Gem of Faith,” garnet bestows eternal happiness, health, and wealth, and brings friendship, loyalty, and sincerity to those born in January.

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Others say garnet signifies victory, purity, truth, faith, and protection. The January birthstone is often associated with awareness, insight, commitment, and regeneration, and is believed to counter black magic and dark forces. Legend says garnet lights up the night and protects their owners from nightmares.

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Garnet is said to bring terrible fortune to the wearer unless it’s returned to its rightful owner. To the righteous, honest, and trustworthy, the stone is said to aid their fortune and bring peace in their lives. A green garnet is a symbol of prosperity and success, while a garnet that lost its luster becomes a harbinger of bad tidings. The name “garnet” is derived from the Latin word “granatum,” or “pomegranate” due to the similarities between the color of the stone and that of the fruit’s dark red seeds.

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