Match the spirit of 90’s today!..

This summer ’90s are making a comeback.

That’s right. Move over 2019, 1994 has returned to our closets. If you’re indulging in the fashion of the past, you’re going to want to accessorize in a way that reflects a time that once was, while also representing a modern feel that matches the spirit of today.

Tie-dye, fringe, animal prints, mixing and matching patterns, bright colors, polka dots, feathers, and fishnet are all included in this season’s hot picks. It would be best if you had the right jewelry to go with it. The Gaelle collection by Minimalista will perfectly pair with every summer look and occasion.

As the collection is available in both .925 sterling silver and 18K plated gold, you get your pick of two different necklaces, dangle earrings, studs, and a gorgeous bangle bracelet. In addition, the Gaelle collection also comes with a stunning silver ring that just the right amount of sparkle for the summertime.

The open-ended Gaelle bangle is met at each end with a row of vertical cubic zirconia. Neon green has been a theme since the beginning of the year, and this summer, the color can be complemented with a bold choice in jewelry. The Gaelle bracelet goes with everything from bathing suits to athletic wear. It’s a staple item that will spruce up every girl’s wardrobe.

Fringe is also back in a big way which puts the Gaelle earrings front and center. The studs are offered as a vertical row of cubic zirconia that climbs (just a bit) up the ear. The dangle earrings are equally as stunning but have a little extra flair. Both are great options to pair with your favorite fringe look. Fringy pieces range in everything from fabulous skirts, to subtle details on your bathing suit. The look is fun and flirty, which calls for an accessory that matches the vibe.

Minimalista Gaelle 18K plated Gold Ring with Cubic Zirconia

Both necklaces are available and silver and gold; each is different yet are wonderfully versatile. The first necklace boasts an open-ended circle, met with a vertical row of cubic zirconia on both ends. It’s the same style as the bangle bracelet, which makes it the perfect opportunity to pair them together for a complete look. The necklace goes beautifully with any style. Whether it’s a low-cut crop top, a high neck tie-dye dress, or a cotton tank top, the look is striking and charming.

Necklace number two has a daintier feel to it. This look is unique, while it also easily adapts to fit with any outfit. Delicate chains dangle on either side, with a horizontal link connecting the two in the middle. Match it with a pretty pattern, a low-cut polka dot dress, stripes, florals, or something embroidered. It’s a multifaceted piece that will level up your look on any occasion.

The silver ring from the Gaelle collection is the ultimate summer accessory. Keeping with the theme of the bracelet and necklace number one, the ring is open-ended. Each end is also met with a small vertical row of sparkling cubic zirconia. Perfect for a night out or a special occasion, this ring is as lovely as the season. It’s bright, brilliant, and shimmering with excitement.

Minimalista Gaelle .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Ring with Cubic Zirconia

Sparkle is at the center of this collection. These pieces highlight beautiful displays of cubic zirconia in a way that is sophisticated, classy, and trendy. The Gaelle collection stuns with accessories that are essential for the summer time. Most fashion that you see in stores right now comes in a variety of options. It allows the wearer to dive in, no matter their preferred style.