The Birthstone of May

The birthstone for May, emerald is regarded as a symbol of rebirth, good fortune, and youth. The color of this gemstone, which goes from light green to deep forest green, is often associated with spring — a time that brings joy and explodes with new life. Emeralds are believed to possess attributes of fertility and love, with a truly feminine spirit full of nurturing qualities.


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Traditionally, those born in May have behavioral characteristics of faithfulness and loyalty, and are more predisposed to friendship. These days, the May birthstone is thought to represent wisdom, patience, growth, and flourishing greenness. Some say emeralds promote balance between partners, provide domestic bliss and contentment, embody unity and compassion, and inspire an ongoing search for harmony. The soothing energy of this lush crystal brings freshness and vitality to the spirit, and provides healing to all levels of the being. Emerald wearers can also benefit from improved memory, enhanced mental clarity, and increased focus and casino no deposit bonus uk intent. Much like other birthstones, emeralds are believed to regulate blood circulation, reduce labor time and pain, soothe epileptic seizures, and increase peace of mind.


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Not surprisingly, the May birthstone was one of Egyptian queen Cleopatra’s favorite — and rightly so. Emeralds were also popularly used for royalty during the Victorian era. Early Christians saw the emerald as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. The name “emerald” is derived from the Greek word “smaragdus,” which means “green.”


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