The Wonders of Being a Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is one of the most amazing life experiences a woman can have. From the moment she says yes to be a part of your big day to the wedding celebration and beyond, the bridesmaid supports you every step of the way, always ready to console, comfort, and help with pre-wedding tasks (and hand you emergency mascara).

A beautiful metaphor for a unique life experience

The CJ Bridal Collection by Caterina Jewelry cherishes the unbreakable bond between the bride and her bridesmaids, representing not only friendships built to last forever, but also an unmatched sense of style, personal flair, and artful elegance. A tribute paid to your dear girls, the CJ Bridal Collection offers an assortment of sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that add timeless quality to your bridesmaids’ outfits and create sophisticated looks that go beyond fabulous.

For the bride…

Gracefully lined with dazzling gemstones set on cool sterling silver, the collection features bracelets and necklaces adorned with one-of-a-kind coin pendants, available in two different sizes.

The elegant white opal pieces in the collection will beautifully complement your bridal ensemble, creating wondrous looks that exude romantic flair and fairy tale charm.

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& Her Bridesmaids

A range of lovely-colored pieces is available for your bridesmaids, perfectly matching your jewelry styling while offering a treasure-forever keepsake that communicates faithfulness, unity, and everlasting love. The pieces are playfully embellished with bouquets of Swarovski crystals in a selection of bright hues, and designed with slender chains available in sterling silver, gold- toned silver, rose-toned silver, and leath
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Choose from an assortment of dazzling sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that meld classic femininity with timeless elegance and fun splashes of color, perfect for celebrating the unique and unbreakable bond between you and your bridesmaids.
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