Birthstone Alert: Caterina Jewelry Has Got You Covered For The Month Of February

To most people, the month of February stands as a symbol of love. Fittingly, there is one token synonymous with this time of year that has been admired for centuries: the amethyst. If you were born this month, you’ve likely donned the world’s most popular purple gemstone more than a few times in your life. A variety of violet is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection and those who celebrate their birthday in February usually incorporate it into their look. The color itself is closely connected to royalty and luxury. Amethysts are linked to protection, healing, intuition, and are known to produce calming energy.

One of NYFW’s big winners was leather. While neutrals are the norm, this year saw a colorful shift. Bright shades of purple and green dominated the runway. It’s a look that’s likely soon to hit your local fashion retailer. You can up your style game even more, by adding earrings from the Minimalista Collection. Opt for the Purple Confidence in silver or Violet Inspiration in gold. Both are elegant and make a statement about taking the spotlight. These studs lend panache to an already emboldened look.

People born in February are highly regarded for their originality and innovation. The same can be said about Caterina Jewelry. CJ’s Minimalista Collection is a perfect match for someone looking to explore those aspects and fall in love with something. Now is the ideal time to pair your personality with what’s on trend. After all, this is the month made for matchmaking.

For those who are on top of the latest styles, New York Fashion Week has brought out a whole new reason to be excited. We dove into some inspiring new looks and coordinated them with several of CJ’s best.

Candy-colored coats were also spotted on the scene in New York. As street style becomes more and more a thing to watch, trends that emerge by those in attendance, are often just as noteworthy (sometimes even more so) than what you’ll see on the runway. A significant winter trend for 2019 is the teddy coat: available everywhere from Nordstrom to Urban Outfitters to Zara. Hues of pink and purple took center stage during NYFW, officially promising an even more colorful year. An open coat look lends itself to showing off the perfect necklace.


Rocking one of CJ’s necklaces from the Minimalista Collection is a great way to incorporate something fun into your look. There are a few different styles to choose from. The Violet Inspiration Golden Silver Necklace is versatile and elegant. The Purple Defiance Silver Necklace is eye-catching and exquisite. The Confidence Silver Necklace, which comes in either violet or purple, is dazzling in both shades. Any one of these is a radiant option for a special occasion.

When it came to dresses at NYFW, Oscar de la Renta used traveling as an inspiration behind this season’s collection. The gowns came in a variety of styles that included daring prints and bold shades of earthy colors. You can certainly expect that some iteration of these looks will find their way to a mall near you. The bracelets from Caterina Jewelry’s Minimalista Collection have the ability to complement any style. If your birthday is in February and your goal is to add some fresh accessories to your wardrobe, these pieces are just right. If you prefer gold, the Violet Inspiration Golden Silver Bracelet and the Violet Diversion Golden Silver Bracelet are striking, and the design is complementary to the color. You’ve got more options with the Violet Defiance Silver Bracelet and the Confidence Silver Bracelet, which again, comes in both violet and purple. The bracelet allows for some stylish stacking. It’s a classic and stunning addition to whatever you wear.

Even if you weren’t born in February, anything in this shade from the Minimalista Collection is a wonderful way to enhance your style. These pieces also make great birthday gifts, which, of course, is the ultimate way to say “I love you.”
If there was one takeaway after viewing what came out of the latest NYFW, it’s that you should brighten up your look by adding more color. The good news is that CJ’s Minimalista Collection offers a variety of hues for your styling pleasure.