Look stunning in olive green this August

As the end of summertime inches closer, it’s a good idea to get lost in the color green. Not only is it a perfect representation of the season in motion, but, it is the official color of the month. Those born in August are destined for peridot. A birthstone represents love, prosperity, growth, and dignity. It’s said to be a crystal of positive power; it goes hand in hand with the frequency of love and is a representation of a source of abundance. It’s one of the few gemstones that you’ll find in only one color: olive green. Peridot is also known as “the extreme gem” by the Gemological Institute of America. Ancients believed that its properties carry healing power.

As August is the final full month of summertime, peridot becomes the perfect fit. Its history has always been associated with the sun; meant to drive away from the darkness. CJ’s Minimalista collection offers peridot in different styles that can be worn to make a fashion statement, while also making a statement about who you are. If you were born in the third month of summer, then peridot is your stone, and Caterina Jewelry has your August looks covered.

Those born in August are said to be motivated and hardworking people. August babies are also known for being fortunate, they love appreciation, and the Minimalista collection is the perfect way to show it.

You can opt for a necklace or a bracelet and either gold or silver. Each comes with a perfect circle centerpiece filled with a cluster of beautiful peridot stones.

If you want to add something extra to the theme, grab some items out of CJ’s Flore collection. You can opt for pieces that are 18 karat plated gold with cubic zirconia or .925 Sterling silver rhodium with cubic zirconia. Both will give you an entirely different feel to your luck.

      The silver offers a gorgeous necklace, a beautiful bracelet, a lovely ring, and some dainty studs. The Flore collection in gold also offers a necklace, a bracelet, and studs, but they add in a gorgeous pair of dangle earrings with a perfect flower at the end.

            Minimalista Flore 18K plated Gold Studs with Cubic Zirconia
            Minimalista Flore .925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Studs with Cubic Zirconia
            Minimalista Flore 18K plated Gold Ring with Cubic Zirconia

            All of this embodies the best of August. If this is the month you were born in, relish in these beauties.
            Peridot has an incredible history. This beautiful and energetic color brings a bit of magic to the wearer.
            Whether you are picking one out for your own birthday, or for someone else born in August, these pieces from CJ’s Minimalista collection are everything a girl could want.