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Get Ready To Fall In Love With The Cataleya Hannah Collection

Are you ready to leave summertime behind and move into alluring autumn? It’s that time of year again when you should enjoy the fashion of the season to the most – right before you break out your sweaters, bust out your boots, and unpack your jackets. What’s Trending Whether you are getting your fashion inspiration […]

Match the spirit of 90’s today!..

This summer ’90s are making a comeback. That’s right. Move over 2019, 1994 has returned to our closets. If you’re indulging in the fashion of the past, you’re going to want to accessorize in a way that reflects a time that once was, while also representing a modern feel that matches the spirit of today. […]

Stella Collection: Star-Spangled Everything…

Barbecues, beach days, Fourth of July – these are a few of the things that make summertime magical. Whether you are traveling somewhere, or staycationing at home, pairing your summertime wardrobe with the right accessory is one of the best ways to have fun with your looks this season. The Stella collection from Cataleya is […]

Ruby July Got More Dazzling with Alizée

July just got more dazzling with Alizée. The Georgia collection makes a simple statement that is bold and beautiful. Each gorgeous piece is 18K plated gold with stunning ruby red gemstones at its center. As the birthstone of the month, rubies are said to bring good fortune the wearer. Its essence is regal. Not only […]

Hello, Summer!

As we venture farther into June, the upcoming season holds new promises with every passing day. Summer is a time for adventure. Vacations, swimming, sunbathing, baseball, barbeques; no matter what event you’re planning for, CJ has the accessory that is just right for the occasion. Step into the summer and adorn yourself with the hottest […]

Green Is Glorious For the Month of May

Hello, springtime! We’ve been waiting for you! While spring settles in May and hints of summertime begin to break through with every passing day, renewal, harmony, and nature come into play, allowing the color green to take center stage. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. It’s a beautiful, vivid hue that is […]



The Birthstone of August



The Birthstone of August



The Birthstone of August