April Birthstone

Were you born in April? Dazzle and Delight in Caterina Jewelry’s Finest!..
Those born in April have the great pleasure of celebrating at the time of year when the world is ripe for renewal. Spring is in the air, the weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and a greater love seems to be ushered in with every new sunny day. If your birth month is April, you are often known to be welcoming. April babies are leaders, charged with ambition, and are born to shine. Perhaps, that’s why the diamond is this month’s stone of choice.

Leave it all out there in April with Caterina Jewelry EDEN collection. These beautifully-designed leaf-themed pieces depict hope, renewal, revival, and are a symbol of growth. This collection is made for the modern girl, born in April, who loves to be a bit sentimental at times.

The pendant with pizazz…

In a beautiful mix of vitality and glamour, available in both sparkling .925 sterling silver and 18k gold-plated sterling silver, this gorgeous pendant pairs exquisitely with those born during this month. Embellished with shimmering crystal clear gemstones, this leaf pendant appears modest while coming across simultaneously striking. With trends like multi-colored printed maxi skirts emerging, this piece is perfect when you want to bring out your inner flower child.

Ring in your April birthday… With rings that come in shades of silver and gold, these leaf-themed treasures are meant to adorn your fingers most delightfully. Sophistication met this look with a modern twist, giving you three ring options here. A single band in sterling silver with clusters of cubic zirconia beautifully wrapped around your finger is ideal for everyday wear. A token of self-identification, this gorgeous, versatile ring goes with any style.

Next, if you want to add a dash of elegance to your look (also available in both metal hues), this band brings in some dimension, making a sparkling impression at first glance. As this band is slightly thicker, the ring connects at the top of your finger in a wave of gem-encrusted leaves that barely touch. You can wear this with any color, and should look to pair this ring with something sleeveless, or off-the-shoulder. You can opt for a top that has a three quarter length sleeve; just remember, with this accessory, the ring is the star.

The last ring comes in the same metal hues, but has multiple thin bands that elegantly wrap around your finger forming one intricate ring. With two parallel bands on the bottom that seamlessly weave into three on top, the accessory gives the appearance as if delicate cubic zirconia leaves have fallen just perfectly on your finger. It’s a great addition when you want to elevate your look with something elegant. Wear it as an accent piece on a night out or put it together with an outfit like a blazer, a monochromatic jumpsuit or a cute set, for an eye-catching effect.

Celebrate in style… Both the necklace and the bangle bracelet, which come in .925 sterling silver and 18k gold-plated sterling silver, are strikingly elegant yet dazzlingly dainty. These two make a perfect pair and would be the quintessential look for your actual birthday. Celebrate your day in style, by wearing jewelry that is beautifully noticeable, while still directing the attention back onto you. The open-ended bangle bracelet and delicate chain link necklace, both embellished with just the right amount of cubic zirconia, are lovely pieces to match with the birthday outfit of your choosing.

Earrings galore… Whether you’re looking for posts, leverbacks, or earrings that dangle and shine, Caterina Jewelry EDEN collection has an assortment of styles that suit your every need. Each leaf-themed design adds a different twist to your desired look. Whether you’re born in April or gifting someone who is, each earring is a wonderful way you can pair personality with style. Opt for sophistication with sparkling huggie earrings, go classic with cluster leverbacks, get cool with CJ’s leaf-themed cuffs, or dazzle with a beautiful dangle.

Caterina Jewelry EDEN collection offers you the opportunity to shoot for the stars. You can always go for the gold, leave the theme behind, and choose a stunning pair of threader earrings to celebrate your birth month. It’s April. It’s your time to shine.