The Birthstone of June

The birthstone for June, alexandrite is an exceptionally rare and highly-desirable stone thanks to its ability to change colors. A stone of prosperity and longevity, alexandrite is believed to balance mind and emotions, promote spiritual growth, and pacify the soul. In the daylight, alexandrite is a bluish-green or even emerald-green color; but once in lamplight, its color changes to crimson red, purple-red, or even violet-red, making it a scientifically-fascinating, spellbinding gemstone.


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Much like other birthstones, alexandrites possess great physical and spiritual healing properties. Said to aid in creativity, strengthen intuition, and inspire the imagination, the June birthstone allows the wearer to harmonize their inner feelings and increases both happiness and good cheer. Alexandrites are physically connected to the nervous system, therefore ensuring that all internal organs are functioning smoothly. Some believe the gemstone has the largest impact on the spleen, pancreas, and stomach. Alexandrite wearers are also less predisposed to afflictions such as high blood pressure and hyperpiesia of the stomach.


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The name “alexandrite” comes from Russian czar Alexandr II, who came of age on the same day that the gemstone was discovered in one of the emerald mines in Ural Mountains. Therefore, the stone was named after him.


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