About US

Caterina Jewelry designs masterpieces that tell the story of every woman’s unique style and intriguing personality, both reflected in the timeless quality and innovative edge of the creations. A company profoundly dedicated to setting higher industry standards, Caterina Jewelry launches one-of-a-kind collections boasting not only a modern aesthetic that transcends time and trends, but also ingenious designs that reinvent classic jewelry pieces — all set to become the jewelry staples of tomorrow.

The company’s first highly-celebrated invention is the patented Charm Opener®, a groundbreaking solution that efficiently addresses the challenges of opening charm bracelets. Taking its name as “the little pink wonder that saves time, frustration, and manicures” from its simple modus operandi, the straightforward design, and attractive pink color,The Charm Opener® has quickly become the favorite tool for opening charm bracelets.

Fueled by passion for jewelry and innovation, Caterina Jewelry launched the CJ CHARM Collection, a distinct product line featuring stunning .925 sterling silver pieces that blend the exquisite look of classic jewelry with the versatility and unique appeal of charm jewelry. The patent-pending MINIMALISTA Collection followed the launch of the CJ CHARM Collection just a few months later. Influenced by the comeback of minimalist jewelry, the collection offers an assortment of sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that blend the company’s iconic coin-shaped pendant with minimalist detailing and shimmering Swarovski crystals in a selection of fabulous colors. Made to be mixed and matched, the MINIMALISTA Collection bracelets and necklaces can be layered with other CJ pieces for a statement-making look, or worn on their own for a touch of timeless sophistication.

Bold and innovative, Caterina Jewelry’s latest collection, the patent-pending ALIZEE Collection, puts a modern spin on the classic bangle by offering a unique mechanism that is compatible with the company’s line of interchangeable CJ Charms, available in various shapes and colors. An innovative concept that melds contemporary elements, the new ALIZEE Collection takes its inspiration from the technical luxury trend and celebrates women’s individuality in a way that’s quintessentially Caterina Jewelry.