Mission Statement

At Caterina Jewelry, our mission is to offer beautiful, elegant and highly versatile silver charm jewelry that will nicely complement the outfit of every woman, no matter the mood she’s in, the fashion style she prefers, or the occasion she’s attending. Having launched our first collection, the Signature Collection, back in 2014, we have been pursuing new, exquisite designs that nicely blend European flair with American ingenuity since then.

Inspired by classic jewelry, our focus is on providing silver charm jewelry that can turn every woman into a feminine, sophisticated and enviable figure. From statement-making pieces to stylish bridal accessories, our jewelry is perfectly lovely and highly appealing. Worn at work, on a girls-night-out, at an important event or at a formal business meeting, our jewelry is guaranteed to impress.

Blending European Flair with American Ingenuity

Silver charm bracelets have become an increasingly popular trend as more and more women have fallen under their spell. Attractive, luxurious and just perfect for any occasion or outfit, .925 silver charm jewelryadds the oomph factor to every woman in search of quality, value and traditional beauty.

Caterina Jewelry was founded on the principle that every woman should be able to afford the convenience, great visual appeal and luxury of silver charm jewelry. Many of our designs are inspired by the growing trend, which is simple and classy jewelry that can be easily mixed with other pieces. Adorned with charming Swarovski crystals on dazzling .925 sterling silver chains, our jewelry is the very definition of finesse.

By creating stunning designs at affordable prices, we strive to give every woman the unsurpassed opportunity to look and feel beautiful – not by investing in expensive clothing or by wearing flashy eyeshadow colors, but by emphasizing her innate beauty.

We create timeless pieces with designs and materials that never go out of style, and can be successfully paired with just any outfit, no matter the season.

Celebrating the Brides and Her Bridesmaids

The wedding day is the most special event in every woman’s life. We understand that every bride wishes to be in the spotlight while celebrating her marriage, and so we have created a gorgeous line of silver charm jewelry intended to make her a brilliant figure. With astounding silver charm jewelry that merges styles and colors, our CJ Bridal Silver Charm and CJ Bridal Golden Charm Collections are a must-have for just any bride.

Several pieces in the collection have been included for the bridesmaids. Available in pink, capri blue and marsala on a stunning leather chain, the necklaces in the CJ Bridal Silver Charm Collection are just perfect for any season, and highly customizable so that every bridesmaid can enjoy them long after your wedding day. The CJ Bridal Golden Charm Collection also includes pieces in gold tone with white opal, marsala, jet black and blue opal Swarovski crystals.

Opening Charms and Beads, the Easy Way

Charm bracelets can be difficult to open without the right tool. Most women use their nails, which often results in damage to both the nails and their manicures; some use sharp objects, which can damage the jewelry.

“We implemented the charm opener on the premise that women should be able to easily open charms with as little effort as possible – and of course, with no damage to their nails or the jewelry!” says Lara Korhammer, co-founder and principal of Caterina Jewelry.

Cathy Barouch, co-founder and head designer, states, “The charm opener opens claps with just one click. It’s the only tool that lets you remove your bracelet while on your wrist.”

The Charm Opener is the invention that will solve the frustrating problem of opening claps and beads. Ideal for any kind of charm jewelry, the Charm Opener pops clasps and charms open in a snap. Mix styles or create your own, and go there looking and feeling like a queen!