CJ Story

Fueled by a passion for innovation and design, Caterina Jewelry offers jewelry that captures every woman’s unique style and intriguing personality, both reflected in the timeless aesthetic and versatile spirit of the pieces.


Introducing the Charm Opener — A Pioneering Tool for All Jewelry Lovers

With the design and debut of the Charm Opener® came the industry recognition for Caterina Jewelry as a pioneer of design. The patented tool effectively addresses the challenges of opening charm bracelets by offering a simple mechanism that opens barrel clasps with one click. Taking its name as “the little pink wonder that saves time, frustration, and manicures” from its simple modus operandi, the straightforward design, and attractive pink color, the Charm Opener® has quickly become the favorite tool for opening charm bracelets.


Reinventing Classic Jewelry Pieces

Caterina Jewelry launched the CJ CHARM Collection, a distinct product line featuring stunning .925 sterling silver pieces that blend the exquisite look of classic jewelry with the versatility and unique appeal of charm jewelry. The patented MINIMALISTA® Collection followed the launch of the CJ CHARM Collection just a few months later. Influenced by the comeback of minimalist jewelry, the collection offers an assortment of sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that blend the company’s iconic coin-shaped pendant with minimalist detailing and shimmering Swarovski crystals in a selection of 12 colors. Made to be mixed and matched, the MINIMALISTA® Collection bracelets and necklaces can be layered with other CJ pieces for a statement-making look, or worn on their own for a touch of timeless sophistication.

The company then launched the patented ALIZEE® Collection, which puts a modern spin on the classic bangle by offering a unique mechanism that is compatible with the company’s line of interchangeable CJ Charms, available in various shapes and colors.


A Multi-Dimensional Company — Now Including 4 New Brands

Always on a quest to create jewelry pieces that are exceptionally durable and remarkably beautiful, we have partnered with a leading French jewelry manufacturer in order to continue to fulfill our company’s commitment to quality in the future.

Further to this partnership, our company now includes four new jewelry brands coveted by women everywhere. Each brand’s distinct visual appeal is imbued into the pieces’ design, elevating sterling silver to luxury status and offering jewelry that is singularly beautiful. From elegant and feminine to bright and stackable, our brands play with some of the most daring concepts and elements, which are featured in unique designs that make a statement.

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